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November 3, 2018

PHP Website Development| PHP Website Design| PHP Website Development Company

PHP is a server side scripting language, extensively used to produce dynamic web pages. It was originally designed for PHP website development, which can be easily embedded into other markup languages. It runs on a web server, which processes PHP code and creates web page content from it. It is an open source software, it can be deployed on most web servers such as Apache, Microsoft IIS, etc. and almost every operating system and platform free of charge.

There are various programming languages such as Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion, Flash Website Development etc. which can be used to create dynamic web pages, however, PHP since its introduction has gained immense popularity. PHP website development is preferred more, by clients across the world due to its availability as open source, rich features, multiple operating system support and so on. The applications developed using PHP language can run smoothly on most RDBMS.

PHP offers hundreds of base functions, and more via extensions, it also offers objected oriented programming functionality for PHP website development. It also provides flexibility to developers by allowing them to write extensions in C to add functionality to the language, which can be compiled into PHP or loaded dynamically at runtime.

PhpWebDevelopmentCompany is a website development company actively involved in PHP website development and other applications. The company is equipped with a highly and dedicated team of software developers, working on latest higher end technologies and capable of harnessing the ultimate power of PHP language to develop cutting-edge dynamic websites and applications.

PhpWebDevelopmentCompany is among top web development or web design companies in India. Our company has delivered a number of offshore PHP website development and e-commerce projects for clients across diversified industry segments. Our open source programmers are well placed to deliver custom website solutions and applications using PHP, MySQL/PostgreSQL.

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